Gale Bush, Rachel Hastreiter (Bush), Joe Bush.,

Our family is one of our greatest joys. A common gathering can be 25+ members .Eric & Rachel are part of the family of 7

children & Gale now has 22 grandchildren & 3 great grandchildren.

Gale & 3 grandsons camping at Mt Rushmore



: I have been in Real Estate since 1981. I love having Rachel as part of my family team. We are proud to say a lot of our clients come from our church community & are repeat customers or referrals! I have been a active member of St. Peterís Church in No. St Paul since 1961. I enjoy the book clubs we have there. I have taught and attended Bible studies thru out the years. I volunteer when ever possible, regularly attend daily Mass & spend time in the adoration chapel. My family & My God come 1st in my life. I see Rachelís children daily & help with them when I can. We have many adventures together! I love traveling and have been to Indonesia, Peru, Rome & Ireland! I now enjoy traveling thru out the United States (especially with the Sr group, Road Scholarsí, created by Elderhostel). I swim at the YMCA 3 times a week & ride bicycle



I live in No. St. Paul with my husband Eric & 5 children. We also are active members at St. Peter’s & volunteer when ever possible. I consider myself a ‘stay at home mom’ even though I love Real Estate & have a sewing business!. I make children’s clothing & enjoy having my children coordinated in my creations! My marketing background helps me with both businesses.


Gale Bush , and Rachel Hastreiter (Bush)
2529 16th Ave.
North St. Paul, MN 55109


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